The Elma Dangerfield Prize

The aim of the prize is to identify and reward new and original work related to the life and works of the poet Lord Byron. It will be awarded to the best book (or, exceptionally, books) on Byron or a Byron-related topic published in any given year, according to the judgement of an Evaluation Committee appointed by the Joint Presidents of the IABS.

The Evaluation Committee will be made up of three academics from three different countries. Committee members will not be paid, and the committee’s composition will not be made public. The Joint Presidents will appoint a replacement for any Evaluation Committee member unable to carry out his/her duties. The Evaluation Committee will report progress regularly to the Joint Presidents. The members of the Evaluation Committee must exclude themselves from the discussion of their own books.

The Evaluation Committee will propose the winning book, substantiate their proposal in a written report and submit it to the Joint Presidents for the announcement of the winner. Winners will then be informed in confidence, before the award is publicly announced at the following IABS Annual General Meeting and in the next issue of The Byron Journal. 

Books eligible for the prize must be peer-reviewed and published by an academic or trade press. Preference will be given to books written in English, or translated into English. Undergraduate textbooks will not be considered. 

Authors wishing to have a book considered for the prize must submit one copy of the book to one of the IABS’s   Joint Secretaries.

Winners of the prize cannot submit another book for consideration for a period of five years. 

All books will be evaluated strictly on the basis of their academic value, without regard to their country of publication or the nationality of the author.



Dr. Michael Steier

Byron, Hunt, and the Politics of Literary Engagement (London: Routledge, 2019)