The International Association of Byron Societies (IABS) is looking to foster the growth of MA, PhD, and early-career scholars, especially those whose research interests are within Byron studies.  The IABS officers would like you to encourage your students to apply to the variety of conferences including, but not limited to: MLA, NASSR, the Messolonghi student conference, the IABS conference (Yerevan, Armenia, 2017), or any other conference where a paper is given on Byron are encouraged to apply for one of the (up to four) annual IABS student conference grants of $500. 

The IABS Presidents have confirmed the retrospective award of three IABS student conference grants.
The awardees are Anna Hupcejova of Charles University, Nick Allen of Virginia Tech for their attendance at the International Student Byron Conference in Messolonghi, Greece in May 2016, and Josefina Tuominenof the University of Zürich in the IABS annual conference in Paris, France in July 2016.