Call for Papers: 47th International Byron Conference

47th International Byron Conference

August 7th - 11th 2023
University of San Francisco, California
Theme of this conference: New Worlds


In the early 1820s, after having joined the Carbonari movement to aid Italian national freedom, Lord Byron contemplated moving to South America to help the revolutionary campaigns against Spain's imperialist forces. Byron even named his yacht the Bolivar after the famous Venezuelan liberator himself, outraging the Austrian governors who were tightening their grip on occupied Italy. When the Carbonari movement collapsed in Italy, he shifted his attention towards Greece, ultimately traveling there in 1823 to support the revolution against the Ottoman Turks. As the Austrian outrage at the Bolivar shows, the South American, Italian, and Greek revolutions were all part of a global cause of liberal resistance. In both his poetry and his life, Byron championed counter-colonial resistance movements from within and without Europe, while his legacy helped to shape emergent nations and the culture of Romantic-era authors and writings around the globe.


In bicentenary tribute, the IABS 2023 conference will gather work on Byron and Romantic-era resistance while seeking to honor the global diversity of the Romantic age. Our gathering's theme is "New Worlds" and we invite papers both on and beyond Byron and his circle. We welcome scholars to contribute papers and convene panels and roundtables related.


Submission of Proposals
Please submit a 250-word abstract and bio by March 1st 2023 to Kaila Rose: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Join us this August in San Francisco for the 47th annual conference!

We will hear works on Byron and Romantic-era resistance that honors the global diversity of the Romantic age. On the beautiful campus of the University of San Francisco, presenters will give papers on and beyond Byron and his circle and share imaginative ideas for our future. Roundtables, live readings, and exciting excursions will take place throughout the conference! Visit the website to learn more:


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