New publication: Japanese translation of Don Juan, by Professor Itsuyo Higashinaka

On the 3rd of December, 2021, Professor Itsuyo Higashinaka published the Japanese edition (translation) of Lord Byron’s Don Juan in two volumes comprising 1,092 pages.

He began his intensive reading, research, and translation of Don Juan at the turn of century. After about twenty years of hard work, the translation, which include enlightening notes, was published by Mr. Takashi Yamaguchi, president of Otowashoboh-Tsurumi Shoten, in Tokyo, Japan. Besides the outstanding translations of Byron’s seventeen cantos, Professor Higashinaka inserted relevant illustrations in the first volume; and in the second, he appended a Byron chronology and summaries of the cantos.

We, all members of the Japanese Byron Society, believe that this work is a culmination of Byron studies in Japan. We are absolutely confident that his unprecedented Japanese translation of Don Juan will promote Byron studies among younger generations in our country.